Whirlpool Appliance Repair in Granville

Get the best Whirlpool Appliance Repair in Granville here. Your fridge and dish washer are vulnerable to damages and they would probably stop working if you do not understand how to properly maintain them. It might be a typical dilemma for most folks, but do you really have any idea regarding the difficulties that may cause you? Once you encounter a problem in the Granville area, just give us a call and we will go there straight away to fix your appliances.

If you’re still hesitant on the services that we offer, listed below are some of the explanations why Columbus Appliance Masters is the best option.

Don’t forget, we can help you with any problems, for both home and commercial appliances.

It is really hard to do your daily chores when one of your appliances is damaged. It will be harder if you require that appliance for your chores. We will offer you same-day services. We always guarantee that the broken appliances won’t be stocked until the next day.

In case you are worried with regards to damages or any type of issues during the session, our company is certified and insured.

Mechanics working for our company know how to deal with any repairs. They are well-trained, experienced and educated professionals. We also deal with all kinds of major appliance manufacturers so it doesn’t matter what brand you are using because we can fix it.


Many customers don’t want to wait for an consultation. This dilemma is already solved because Columbus Appliance Masters gives you a 3-hour scheduled appointment window. Our mechanics will be calling you 20 minutes before they arrive to make sure that you are in the house when they go there.

All of our services are done on-site so the customers will see how we work with the repairs. All of the materials that we need are already available on our truck, but if the parts are not available, we will not charge you with late payment fees when we get the parts from our location. If you don’t have cash, we accept all major credit cards.

If you’re planning to call us to ask anything, we have the ideal and the most knowledgeable phone staffs that will handle all your requests. All your queries are going to be answered properly. We will also give you a written estimation before we begin repairing your appliances. This will help you know the price of our services. You can evaluate your budget first and decide if you are going to continue with repairs or not.

If you say that you found us on the internet whenever you made an scheduled appointment, we will give you 15% off on all our appliance repairs. This is a excellent deal if you want to save money on fixes.

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  • We’re here to help you with appliance problems in and around Columbus!

    Appliance Masters will always be there to help you immediately if you come across problems on your appliances and you live around Granville.

    Give us a call and we will be there immediately to handle appliance fixes.

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